Panamax M8-AV-PRO Surge Protector/Line Conditioner

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Panamax M8-AV-PRO Home Theater Power Management
  • Premium Filtration
  • Coax/Sat Protection
  • Telephone/LAN Line Protection
  • AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring)
  • Surge Protection
  • Protects equipment against prolonged over/under voltages by disconnecting the power and reconnecting it when safe power returns
  • Power Cleaning and Filtration eliminate loss of detail, pops, hisses, hums, visual artifacts and other common symptoms of contaminated power
  • Protect/disconnect circuitry completely disconnects AC power to connected equipment in the event of a catastrophic surge such as lightning
  • Protects equipment from electrical surges that travel over telephone, cable, satellite, and antenna lines
  • 12-volt trigger allows source equipment to activate or deactivate four of eight outlets